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Bushfire risk in Red Hill area

Bushfire risk in Red Hill area


Bushfire season is upon us again and this year fire authorities are predicting a long hot dry summer.

Already a spate of small fires believed to be caused by faulty power lines have broken out in the past month in the Red Hill and Main Ridge areas which has locals concerned.

One local resident, Mr Peter Hercules raised concerns with United Energy, State Government bodies and Mornington Peninsula Shire Councillors after witnessing what he describes as the explosion of a power pole on the corner of Main Creek Road and Whites Road.

Mr Hercules says there are serious problems about the integrity of the power system and it needs urgent attention.

He claims six fires have been logged under the powerlines this year alone.

Red Hill and Main Ridge residents are hopeful that local authorities and United Energy will address concerns about faulty powerlines in coming days.

Some faulty cabling has already been replaced by United Energy with further testing being carried out.

Thank you to Peter Hercules who first identified the problem and alerted authorities.


Debra Mar Working many years in the corporate world in Melbourne and overseas, Debra found herself in the fashion industry as a designer after studying 3 years at RMIT. She now producers and presenters her own radio program The Breakfast Table every Tuesday 6-9am and writes for a local magazine. With a love of writing and being involved in the community, she has a certain curiosity of what makes people ‘tick’, Debra also writes feature stories and updates details on the RPP FM website.