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It’s the hidden ‘gem’ in the heart of Mornington but where is it? It attracts world acclaimed artists who perform recitals in The Tallis Pavilion, puts on lavish morning tea parties in it’s grounds and provides tours of the mansion but what’s the address?  Writer Debra Mar reveals the essence of Beleura House & Garden in Mornington but even she is not prepared to give the location away – yet!

That’s the way local residents in Mornington who live in the immediate precinct of this grand old mansion want it to remain. But you could be mistaken to think they don’t want anyone to enjoy the splendor of this house & garden, drowning in the grandeur of yesteryear. Well, not exactly because this grand old ‘lady’ is actually open to the public.

Boasting three full time gardeners and a myriad of passionate volunteers who maintain the glorious presence of perfectly manicured Italian style gardens at Beleura House, this attraction should be on everyone’s ‘bucket list’.

Beleura House & Garden, protected by the Australian National Heritage List is steeped in local history. Here are some facts about the property and the fascinating, charismatic, famous people families who lived and spent time there.

Beleura House was erected in 1863 for James Butchard off the coat tails of the Victorian Gold Rush. Beleura House was then owned by several wealthy influential businessmen and farmers and finally acquired by the Tallis Family in 1916. Sir George Tallis chaired the wonderful and celebrated J.C. Williamson Theatre Company and was father to Jack (John) Morton Tallis (1911 – 1996), the youngest son in his family of four children. Jack was a noble yet modest composer of music and wrote The Sentimental Bloke ballet performed in 1952. He never married and was left the property.

Beleura House has a bedroom that Dame Nellie Melba stayed in on her visits and the Tallis family installed tapped seawater from Port Phillip Bay especially for Dame Nellie as it was thought to have healing and relaxing properties.

Jack Tallis wanted Beleura House & Garden to live on in people’s hearts to continue to delight guests with entertainment and enjoy the Italian inspired gardens so he bequeathed it to the people of Victoria.

The mansion opened to the public in 2004 in the care of Director/Trustee Anthony Knight.

A huge thank you to the lovely Ingrid who spent time to take Debra on a tour of the house and gardens which gave her an insight into what life was like for wealthy, entrepreneurial families spanning over two centuries.

Today the property proudly presents recitals, garden parties and tours of the house. It’s open to all who wish to enjoy the wonderment of a family steeped in history and wealth who graced this part of the Peninsula.

The address of Beleura House & Garden is not on the internet. Pick up any brochure on Beleura House & Garden and again no property address is given. Even the Beleura House & Garden events calendar does not print the address.

So all you have to do is RING 5975 2027 and Faye and staff will happily tell you.

Please note all visits to Beleura House & Garden have to be booked on that number.

And dont' forget to pick up a Beleura House & Garden Calendar Program detailing upcoming events.

For more details visit their website http://www.beleura.org.au

RPP FM Management would like to express thanks to Anthony Knight and Beleura House & Garden for the continued support of the local community radio station and look forward to recording more recitals and events to broadcast on 98.7FM & 98.3FM Frankston.

Experience the splendor and exquisiteness of what is Beleura House & Garden

Your Voice on the Peninsula

Words Debra Mar

Pictured: Part of the stunning house and gardens at Beleura 

Written by: RPP FM Helper

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