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Exciting Australian Piano Duo on airways


Two impressive pianists Ms Maggie Chen & Dr Vicky Yang will transport you to a place of relaxation and reflection with a piano recital recorded from The Tallis Pavilion, featured in the enchanted grounds of Beleura House & Garden recently.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015 at 3pm, Bernies Music Land Hour will present the piano recital titled ‘Transcriptions for Two Pianos’ to avid listeners.

The program includes
Betty Beath: Reflections on Poems from the Chinese
Gerardo Dirié: Four Miniaturas Argentinas
Mozart-Grieg Sonata in C major
Boris Kosak: Selection from Amuse-bouches
Oriental Folk Suite (Transcribed by Australian Piano Duo)
The Butterfly Lovers Concerto (Transcribed by Australian Piano Duo)
Piazolla-Pablo: Tangata & Libertango (New arrangement by Australian Piano Duo).

RPP FM Production Manager Steve Meyers captured the essence of Ms Chen & Dr Yang’s talented performance in the intimate surroundings and will be replayed for your enjoyment on RPP FM 98.7 & 98.3 Frankston.

All proceeds raised go to Nepal in support of the earthquake victims.

A big thank you to Steve Meyers for his time and effort recording the recital, and a thank you to Beleura House & Garden & Griffith University.

Beleura House & Garden is a sponsor of RPP FM
Your Voice on the Peninsula.

Live stream from the rppfm.com.au website and download the RPP FM APP.

Words Debra Mar
Photo courtesy of Steve Meyers

Pictured: Talented pianists Ms Maggie Chen & Dr Vicky Yang charmed an enthusiastic audience in The Tallis Pavilion at Beleura House & Garden recently.