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RPP FM make it across the finish line


Three of RPP FM’s star performers competed in the annual Arthurs Seat Challenge on the weekend.

Sales Manager, Martyn Ashton together with Ange Robinson, presenter of Far Out, it’s Friday program and Joe Labs, Wednesday Breakfast host each achieved their Personal Best.

The Arthurs Seat Challenge is a 6.7km run/walk, held annually to promote the profile of the ‘Fit to Drive Program’ and raise funds to enable the program’s continuation. The Arthurs Seat Challenge is a wonderful annual event, especially for families, schools and sporting groups to come together and raise community awareness about the overrepresentation of young people in road crashes. Overtime, the community, through this combined action has successfully educated young people about safer road use.

Next year RPP FM will register a team to compete in this great cause.

Why don’t you or a team register in next years Arthurs Seat Challenge. For details head to http://www.arthursseatchallenge.com.au/

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Words Debra Mar

Pictured L-R: RPP FM Sales Manager Martyn Ashton, RPP FM presenters Ange Robinson & Joe Labs

Photo courtesy of Joe Labs