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Agony & Ecstasy in 2014 NFNL Grand Final

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The RPP FM Match of the Day for the Nepean Football Netball League, proudly brought to you by the Mornington and Rosebud Telstra Shops, saw the Crib Point Magpies take on the Sorrento Sharks at Hastings’ Thomas Barclay Oval.

The minor premiers had overcome Rye in their Preliminary Final in what was undoubtedly one of the great games of local finals footy. Whether or not they had spent too many petrol tickets to get to the last day in September would soon be answered in the next two- and-a-bit hours. Sorrento, in contrast, was riding a wave of confidence, having despatched the Magpies just two weeks earlier and with last year’s defeat still in the memory banks, they were keen to perform on the biggest of stages.

Of pre-game significance, Crib Point Vice-Captain Jack Johnson had been left out of his sides’ starting line-up following moderate form, replaced by Jacob Cook. Sorrento went in unchanged with big man Jonathon Croad thanking his lucky stars that he was cleared to play after a work accident required thirty-five stitches to his right leg.

Perhaps of greater significance, the three BBQ tents situated at different points of the Hastings oval had returned ensuring that our very own footy commentator Michael Voss once more journeyed to all parts of the packed perimeter pre-match to testify as to the suitability of the egg and bacon rolls. Perhaps a second lap was unnecessary but it was testament to ‘Tonsils’ utter professionalism.

Breezy conditions greeted the large throng which had congregated to all points of the ground.  Rosebud had proven too strong in the under 18’s and in the twos, Devon Meadows had come from the clouds to challenge Somerville with the Eagles steadying late to prevail 13. 8 (86) to 10. 5 (65).  The scene was set for an epic showcase of local country football.

And it was Sorrento with early possession pressing forward. Daniel Grant was on the end of the opening foray with a snap over the right shoulder which provided the first goal of the Grand Final. Teammate Tyren Head shot from a flank was rushed through and Zac Byrns should have goaled but sprayed left. Fellow Shark, Myles Pitt marked on the stretch with his attempt carried left by the wind but he was gifted another chance through loose checking and duly gave Sorrento it’s second.

Magpie Beau Monty registered his sides first score with a dribbling behind and Pitt had another flying shot but missed all.  Shark Captain/Coach Troy Schwarze’s first kick for goal from the boundary was punched through and his next attempt went the other way when he found himself unattended. Byrns didn’t make the most of another opportunity, 35 out on a slight angle and in spite of their dominance around the ground, Sorrento weren’t hurting Crib Point on the scoreboard.

It was the Captain who again found space to slot a third from close in. Glenn Boyd marked in front of the eyes on a fast lead for the Pies’ first real chance and he made no mistake, putting the footy over the top of the goal umpires’ head. At quarter time on the Bendigo Community Bank Scoreboard, Sorrento 3. 4 (22) led Crib Point 1. 1 (7).

Second quarter action again saw the Sharks press forward early. It was Waide Symes, however, who stuck a great tackle to allow Sam Austin to steer through Crib Point’s second. Pitt went down town from 55 for an immediate reply as tempers threatened to boil over. Boyd should have goaled from a standing start but missed left and Leigh Poholke swept on a loose ball at the other end to push the margin to beyond three goals. David Lawson tripped the light fantastic to squeeze another through and the Sharks were well and truly up and about. When Pitt marked in the goal square the Sharks had seven on the board to extend the margin. Beau ‘The Full’ Monty weaved past players and slotted a much needed Magpie goal to peg one back but at the major break on the Bendigo Community Bank Scoreboard Sorrento 7. 7 (49) held sway over Crib Point 3. 2 (20).

Cribby needed to respond in the third and it was Jonathan Flack who ran into an open goal, having roved the pack to close the gap inside of a minute. Pitt spun on a dime to again reply and Grant Johnson marked a horribly misdirected kick in to bring up another. Maggie Luke Herrington was collected high 45 out but his set shot caught the stiffening breeze with Ben Schwarze marking but botching his own attempt at the other end. Brad Davidson’s rain making attempt registered his side’s third behind of the quarter and it looked like the petrol tickets were becoming short in supply.

Full Monty was unaware of the pressure around him when running into goal, coughing it up and Davidson’s shot, courtesy of a deliberate out of  bounce was itself put out on the full.  Teammate Paul Smith was caught high after taking a mark by Guy Stringer, enabling him to put through a badly needed major but Herrington’s shot after the three quarter siren failed to hit the target. At third quarter time on the Bendigo Community Bank Scoreboard Sorrento 9. 9 (63) led Crib Point 5. 7 (37).

RPP FM’s voice of football, Michael ‘Golden Tonsils’ Voss and Scott ‘One Egg and Bacon Roll over the series would have been nice’ Beel brought us home with all the last quarter action with Crib Point searching for a way to get back into the contest and Sorrento keen to press home the advantage.

Byrns swept on to a loose ball in the right pocket to goal and Flack’s left foot snap bounced away for a point as did his next effort. Ryan Jeffery found Poholke all alone at 35 and he made no mistake with Stringer finding Kayle Stringer–Morris shortly after for a minor score.  It was Pitt who marked and bombed through a fourth to remove any doubt as to the result with Davidson failing to steady on his right at the other end. Pitt had a fifth, winning a test of strength 20 out on a slight angle and he repeated the dose inside of the goal square soon after. A rainbow appeared as if on cue as David Lawson roved the pack for a ten goal lead. This would be Sorrento’s day. And they richly deserved it.

After the match a delighted Sorrento coach, Troy Schwarze paid tribute to their opponents, having been in the same position twelve months earlier. For Crib Point coach Duane Annable, this was in many respects, a learning curve for his men with the challenge of 2015 awaiting.

Vossy presented the Orbit Fitness Mount Martha, Player of the Match trophy to Tyren Head for his starring four quarter effort whilst Troy Schwarze was awarded the PCN NFNL player of the match.

Final scores on the Bendigo Community Bank Scoreboard:

Sorrento 15. 10 (100)
Crib Point 5. 12 (42)

RPP FM Management wish to thank RPP FM Match of the Day sponsors. Your support brought the very best live coverage across the Peninsula for the 2014 MPFNL draw.

Mornington & Rosebud Telstra Shops – RPP FM Match of the Day

Bendigo Community Bank – Scoreboard (finals series)

Rye Hotel – Scoreboard (2014 MPFNL draw)

Orbit Fitness Mount Martha – RPP FM Best on Ground


98.7FM & 98.3FM Frankston

Words Darren Sainsbery http://sainsbd@hotmail.com  0432 742 406
Photography Rab Siddhi

Pictured: There was no mistake who played the best football in the 2014 Nepean FNL Grand Final with Sorrento player Tyren Head ahead of the rest pictured taking a great mark!

Man of the Moment, Sorrento player Tyren Head was presented with the RPP FM Best on Ground trophy for his starring four quarter effort, proudly sponsored by Orbit Fitness Mount Martha. Troy Schwarze was awarded the PCN NFNL player of the match.




Written by: RPP FM Helper

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