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RPP FM intern loving the experience


Hi, I’m Laura Sedgwick!

I’m in my final semester studying a Bachelor of Professional Communication at Monash University.  I chose to major in Journalism because I love telling stories. Now that I’m coming to the end of my course, people keep asking me what I want to do. I think my childhood love of drama is pushing me to pursue a career in TV or radio but I want to try a bit of everything.

When I was looking for internships, I applied to a number of publications, TV and radio stations. Most of them said I didn’t have enough experience and others still haven’t returned my emails.  I’m so grateful to RPP FM for giving me the opportunity to gain the experience I desperately need.  I couldn’t believe it when Station Manager Brendon Telfer told me I could produce my own local news report. I felt such a sense of achievement when I heard myself read the news on the radio. I love the sense of community at RPP FM. I’ve lived on the Mornington Peninsula for 10 years and worked in the area for seven so I know what’s going on and I see a lot if familiar faces at the station. 

I’m now producing two prerecorded local news reports a week. I’m also writing articles for the RPP FM website and helping presenters with their shows when they need me. I absolutely love it!

Photography Rab Siddhi