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Upcoming visit by local media students


Excited Padua Secondary College Year 11 students currently undertaking a Media Course which follows the requirements for the VCE Study guide, will visit the RPP FM studios in Mornington next Tuesday, 2 September.

As part of the course which involves a combination of theoretical and practical work, RPP FM community radio was chosen as a platform to expose students to a real working radio station as part of their studies.

Their current topic covers Australian media organisations, investigating a variety of commercial, government and community media outlets and their roles. The course is offering media channels such as film, print, photography.

Students will tour the studios to view the audio equipment, production, state-of-the-art recording and performance studios, all of which will provide a comprehensive insight into the radio industry. RPP FM representatives will be on hand to guide them and to show production processes and answer any questions.

Emilio Di Paolo, SIS Sports Coordinator at Padua College who will lead the students commented on the wonderful opportunity for media students to fully appreciate audio as a medium.

RPP FM management look forward to welcoming the students next Tuesday.



Words Debra Mar

Pictured: Padua College Year 11 Media student, Yazmine is a member of the VCE Unit 2 Media class for 2014.