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Jacki Mitchell, producer and presenter of Taking Care of Business on RPP FM, chooses only the ‘best in the business’ to interview on her weekly program. This week was no exception with her guest list including Mim Gaetano, Corporate Ombudsman for Mars Incorporated, Peter Bennett-Hullin, Licensee of the Mornington & Rosebud Telstra Shop and Marg Harrison from Business Times magazine to talk about the Leadership, it’s role in businesses today and what it takes to be a leader, among other business topics.

This week also marked the inaugural monthly segment called NEW AGE COMMERCE presented by E-commerce expert Grant Arnott.

Mim who has worked for MARS Incorporated for the past 27 years explained to be a good leader you need a framework of skills, empathy and understand you are dealing with people, not robots. Four traits in good leadership are: Hope, Trust, Stability, Compassion. “If you possess these four traits you have a good platform to be successful,” he said.

Peter Bennett-Hullin’s award winning Telstra businesses including a team member who took out the prestigious Telstra National Award for 'Manager of the Year' recently, shared his thoughts advising leadership is about engaging, being articulate, strategic plan, being passionate and believing in the cause. He said, “We tend to employ staff who can engage with customers easily.”

Today’s NEW AGE COMMERCE segment discussed the fundamentals of online retailer businesses in the digital world. Grant shared his Tip of the Month – If you are starting an online business or already have an online business, have some humility, do your homework, stay up-to-speed and educate yourself. For more details and tips visit Grant’s website powerofretail.com.au – IT’S FREE!

Marg Harrison, Sales Director of local Business-to-Business magazine Business Times is distributed to 11,000 business on the Peninsula and surrounding areas. Jacki discussed how New Age Commerce and Business Times magazine, which is also online, gather data providing details of readers activities whilst reading the magazine including how long they stay on each page. For more details about Business Times magazine contact Marg on marg@businesstimes.net.au and visit businesstimes.net.au. Interestingly, Marg used to host a Real Estate program on RPP FM some 30 years ago when the station used to broadcast from a caravan!

So, what is the business of Leadership and ‘Are people born natural leaders’? Find out this and more on this week’s Taking Care of Business podcast on the rppfm.com.au website. Previous TCOB program podcasts can also be found on the RPP FM website.

Make sure you are taking care of your business with Taking Care of Business every Friday at 11am. Highly stimulating, highly recommended.

Words Debra Mar
Photography Rab Siddhi

Pictured: Around the studio left to right – Mim Gaetano of Mars Incorporated, Grant Arnott, E-commerce expert, Marg Harrison of Business Times Magazine, Peter Bennett-Hullin of Mornington and Rosebud Telstra Shop, Presenter Jacki Mitchell and a thank you to Steve Meyers, panel operator.

Insert: Jacki MItchell

Written by: RPP FM Helper

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