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Seven Sisters Festival returns to Mt Martha…details

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Wouldn't it be amazing if you could forget about your busy life for three transformational days and nurture areas of your life that truly matter: health, spirituality, creative expression, music, lifestyle & community?

Welcome to the Seven Sisters Festival, set in Mt Martha, where women from around the globe come to immerse themselves in a fun, relaxing and beautiful space that allows them to take charge of their own well being.

Seven Sisters Festival runs from 28 – 30 March and is a 3 day women’s only festival that offers a range of expert presenters, fascinating workshops, vibrant markets, colorful performers, miraculous healings, live art and more; so that you have all the tools you need to BE the best version of yourself and have fun doing it.

The ancient story behind the Seven Sisters is one of spirit and the care women have for one another and the need to join forces to support each other. As the myth unwinds two women find refuge in the sky taking the form of seven stars that are known to us as the constellation of Pleiades…it’s a fascinating piece of mythical narration.

Listen to RPP FM radio program The Breakfast Table program Monday, 24 March at 7.45am when your host Debra Mar interviews festival founder Dr Lauren Woodman to find out more about this amazing annual festival for women, now in it’s fourth year.

Also the spiritual and enlightening RPP FM program, Soul 2 Soul is currently airing a pre-recorded interview with Lauren this week with hosts Steve & Patricia. Check rppfm.com.au website for Soul 2 Soul days and times.

For more details and tickets sales for the Seven Sisters Festival visit : www.sevensistersfestival.com

Compiled by Debra Mar


Seven Sisters Festival – A Station Sponsor
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Pictured: Women reaching 'up and out' during last year's Seven Sisters Festive in Mt Martha

Insert: Founder of Seven Sisters Festive Dr Lauren Woodman

Written by: RPP FM Helper

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