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Skin cancer is a very serious issue within the Australian population and to help learn and understand more about the disease and procedures, the Peninsula Skin Cancer Centre in Frankston is welcoming all to their Open Day this Saturday, 15 March from 10am to 4pm to look around their new clinic.

Dr Sally Shaw, one of the founding members of the Australasian College of Skin Cancer Medicine and founder of the Peninsula Skin Cancer Clinic in Tanti Ave, Mornington 10 years ago, spoke to RPP FM presenter Dennis Gist recently on his Drive Program to discuss the seriousness of skin cancers and how to protect our skin.

Dr Shaw explained with the increase of large numbers of skin cancers being detected on the Peninsula our clinic has recently expanded to Frankston. 

Statistics show that 2 out of 3 Australians will have some type of skin cancer by the age of 70.

Dr Shaw said, “Our skin cancer clinics are the largest of its type in Victoria, detecting more primary melanomas than the hospitals in Melbourne.”
We found 230 melanomas last year and quite a few thousand of the minor types of skin cancers. The good news is that most skin cancers if found early are easy to treat.

“All our doctors at the Peninsula Skin Cancer Centres are highly trained in skin cancer medicine and are members of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia,” Dr Shaw said. Using dermoscopy, they are able to see into the top layers of skin with a magnified bright light, which helps them detect melanomas whilst they are very thin and with a great survival rate.

Dr Max Redman, an experienced surgeon along with other doctors are trained to do complicated surgical techniques including flaps and grafts in our operating theatres, under local anaesthetic so you do not need to go to hospital. We also have non-invasive skin cancer treatments we can use on minor skin cancers such as Photo Dynamic Therapy.

At Peninsula Skin Cancer Centre our patients usually come in for either an annual full body skin check or Total Body Mole mapping.

Melanoma, the most aggressive type of skin cancer, can sometimes appear on skin that has never been exposed to the sun, so we need to check you from top to bottom. Our highly qualified skin cancer nurses will check your scalp, body, even between your toes, as we know melanoma can appear in these areas

Our doctors will then come in and discuss with you any treatment that needs to be done such as freezing or biopsies. These can all be performed at that initial appointment.

Ring for an appointment, no referral required.

Frankston Skin Cancer Centre

375 Nepean Highway


PH: 9770 0040



Compiled by Debra Mar

Written by: RPP FM Helper

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