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RPP FM is delighted to announce Bartercard, a new sponsor to the station.

Bartercard is great for business trading because of it’s simple, flexible and stress-free way to exchange and pay for goods and services.

How Bartercard works

Bartercard works by connecting businesses and enabling them to exchange their products and services through a system of trade dollars as an alternative to cash. Bartercard takes this one step further by allowing businesses the flexibility of barter-trading not just one on one but with thousands of businesses, locally or internationally.

Given the recent challenges to the global economy, more businesses are looking for alternatives to cash and Bartercard can provide that. Cashflow issues don’t need to strangle your business and you can free up cash to make better use of it elsewhere.

Sell Surplus Stock

If you have surplus stock, why not sell it on Bartercard? By barter-trading your excess products or services you can earn trade dollars, which can then be spent on growing your business. Turning your surplus stock into trade dollars reduces wastage and helps you gain value on items that may be rapidly depreciating.

Pay business expenses with Bartercard

The beauty of Bartercard is you can then use your trade dollars to directly pay for business expenses including accounting, IT support, marketing, internet marketing, legal services, vehicle maintenance and even tradespeople.

Many businesses get creative and use their trade dollars to purchase gifts to use for special offers or customer loyalty programs, reward staff with tickets to events, or purchase Christmas gifts for staff and clients.
When you use Bartercard there are endless opportunities to reduce your cash expenses and improve your business and lifestyle. You can even use Bartercard dollars to generate cash customers by using your trade dollars to advertise your business and by reselling items purchased with trade dollars.

If you have excess stock you want to move or business downtime that you would like to fill, why not make use of it? By joining Bartercard’s extensive network of members you can use trade dollars to get the best out of your business and help achieve growth.

To find out more how Bartercard can assist your business, visit www.bartercard.com.au or call us today on 1300 BARTER.


Compiled by Debra Mar

Written by: RPP FM Helper

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