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Sugar n’ Spice dynamic duo Bob & Judy had the pleasure of interviewing local entrepreneur Fred Harrison, CEO of Ritchies Supa IGA who is excited about hosting the official launch of the first Australian La Maison Maille Boutique offering the world’s exclusive and specialty mustards, vinegars & vinaigrettes in store with Celebrity Chef Adrian Richardson.

Richardson, owner of Carlton North’s La Luna Bistro Restaurant, TV presenter on Good Chef, Bad Chef and makes appearances at ‘foodie’ events will be at Ritchies Supa IGA store in Mt Eliza next Tuesday to conduct a Mustard Masterclass followed by a Le Drunch menu.

Fresh French Chablis Mustards, Maille Mustard with Mango, Mustard and Truffles and Mustard with Macadamia are just a some of what will be on offer ONLY at Ritchies Supa IGA La Maison Maille Boutique. Just grab a black terracotta pot and pump and pour your own favourite Maille Mustard from porcelain taps.

Fred brought in a black terracotta pot of Maille Mustard with Truffles as a sample of the wonderful fused flavours Maille Mustards produce. This particular pot of mustard is valued at $100. 

Fred explained Australians tend to under utilize the consumption of mustard. “It’s not just for meats, it’s also great in salad dressings and vegetable dishes,” he concluded.

It’s not surprising Fred wants to keep up with the ever changing marketplace in the supermarket industry and agreed it would be great for our local community to experience this new concept in Australia. Bob commented on the fact that designing supermarkets is a ‘scientific business’. Fred agreed saying, “There is a need to continue to reinvent and reinvest in the supermarket businesses offering that ‘Point of Difference’.” Fred said, “We offer high quality foods including local products and produce and also providing the basics from Nescafé to Kellogg’s Cornflakes.”  

Fred grew up on the Morningon Peninsula and as a young boy grew his own fruit and vegetables in his backyard. He sold them to his local Ritchies IGA store in Frankston for pocket money. He eventually joined the business in 1975 as Assistant Manager and since then the humble community supermarket founded in Frankston now boasts 70 stores Australia wide.

It was a case of right time, right place when Fred was approached to set up the La Maison Mallie Boutique within his IGA store saying, “There are Maille Mustard boutiques in Paris, London, why not in Mt Eliza!”

Ritchies Stores were founded in 1870 by Thomas Ritchie after surviving the shipwrecked Isabella Watson. He first opened his first store in Frankston.

Today, Ritchies Supa IGA is where the community benefits. Real Food, Real People, Real Prices.

To experience this innovative concept new to Australia, visit Ritchies Supa IGA in Mt Eliza starting next week where shoppers will be treated to a full range of 'fresh on tap' Maille Mustards including Vinegar and Vinaigrette varieties stocked nowhere else in Australia.

Great for gifts and hampers.

La Maison Maille Boutique
Ritchies Supa IGA
20/89 Mt Eliza Way
Mt Eliza
Ph: 9787 4322

Words Debra Mar
Photography Rab Siddhi

Sugar n' Spice every Thursday at 9am. It's the place of entertainment, celeb interviews and views. 

Pictured: L-R: Fred Harrison, CEO of Ritchies Supa IGA, Mt Eliza and presenters of Sugar n' Spice Judy Banks Phillips and Bob Phillips.

Written by: RPP FM Helper

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