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It is the first in Australia! The La Maison Maille Boutique was launched at Ritchies Supa IGA, Mt Eliza this week. Debra Mar headed down with RPP FM presenters and personalities Bob Phillips & Judy Banks-Phillips to see what the fuss was about.

Fred Harrison, CEO of Ritchies Supa IGA had a grin ear to ear when his IGA food store in Mt Eliza was the chosen location to establish the first Australian La Maison Maille Boutique offering the world’s exclusive and specialty mustards, vinegars & vinaigrettes in store.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Bob & Judy attended an intimate Mustard Masterclass with other selected guests to watch Celebrity Chef Adrian Richardson perform a cooking demonstration and share six delicious recipes using mustards varieties, vinegars and vinaigrettes now available at La Masion Maille Boutique at Ritchies Supa IGA.

Adrian said, “I always have Maille Mustard in my fridge – I believe in the product.” Guests were then treated to Le Drunch to sample Adrian magnificent cooking skills highlighting the diversity of Maille Mustard and how it enhances the flavours of dishes.

“The Maille Le Drunch at Ritchies, Mt Eliza could be best described as delightfully decadent, sexy food,“ Bob said.

Judy was in awe of the experience saying, “Adrian certainly has a way with mustard – and women, he is a delightfully decadent, sexy Masterchef!'

International Global Director of Maille, Sylvie David opened proceedings  by expressing how excited she was to launch the La Maison Maille Boutique in Mt Eliza and bring the Maille  Mustard experience to the Peninsula. “Because the Peninsula is known for it’s  gourmet food and wine destination, it’s a perfect demographic for La Maison Maille Boutique to establish in Mt Eliza.”  She added Maille was founded in 1747 with experts perfecting mustards over the years.

Mallie National Sales Manager, Adam Barrett said, “Come down to Ritchies La Maison Maille Boutique and pour yourself fresh Maille Chablis Mustard air-freighted direct from France into a Maille stoneware mustard pot from an authentic porcelain tap.” “Reuse your Maille Mustard pot for refills,” he added. A further 21varieties of Maille Mustards are available in jars.

Fred Harrison concluded by saying how the dream became a reality and with the best restaurants on our doorstop we are helping to grow the culinary experience here at Ritchies Supa IGA, Mt Eliza.

To experience this innovative concept new to Australia, visit Ritchies Supa IGA, Mt Eliza where shoppers will be treated to a full range of Maille Mustards including Vinegar and Vinaigrette varieties stocked nowhere else in Australia. Try the delectable Black Truffle and Chablis Mustard available 5 months of the year!

La Maison Maille Boutique
Ritchies Supa IGA
20/89 Mt Eliza Way
Mt Eliza
Ph: 9787 4322

Bob & Judy, entertainers and presenters of RPP FM program Sugar n’ Spice airs every Thursday at 9am on RPP FM 98.7FM & 98.3FM. Bob also presents the RPP FM Late, Late Brekky Show every Sunday at 9am.

Words Debra Mar
Photography Rab Siddhi

Pictures: Left – L-R: Maille National Sales Manager, Adam Bennett with his colleague standing in the La Masion Maille Boutique at Ritchies Supa IGA
                Middle –  L-R: Entertainers Bob & Judy and CEO of Ritchies Supa IGA, Fred Harrison
                Right –   Celebrity Chef Adrian Richardson demonstrating the wonderful diversity of Maille Mustards.

Written by: RPP FM Helper

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