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‘It's a matter of debate’ is a new and provocative series that will air on RPP FM’s regular program, Navigating Change with Sina Summers. It will run for 8 weeks, every Friday from 12 – 1pm  – commencing 5 July 2013

The 8 new programs in this series will cover topics such as:
Should euthanasia be a legal right?
• Should all young Australians be required to do Civil Defence training in their gap year? – Areas such as fire and flood rescue or with the Military Service?
• Should we have an Australian ID Card?
• Who is the most influential movie character?
• Should young people under the age of 18 be monitored on social media sites?
• What is the most effective way to communicate – in person or through social media?

Sina Summers, who produced this series, is a Social Scientist with a real interest in the social fabric of our communities. She says, “The reason behind creating a series of debates is to highlight topics that people are talking about, and to provide listeners with an opportunity to hear opposing perspectives.”

The program debaters, both young and mature adults, have invested their time and thought into each topic. Brodie Goozee, who presents the RPP FM program, Taking Care of Business, is the main debater who gallantly goes head to head with our guest debaters on all the hot topics of debate. Comments offered from the show’s audience are also of particular interest as they allow us to hear from a cross section of our community.

This is an exciting and stimulating series that provides an insight into the beliefs and values of local communities on the Mornington Peninsula.


Written by: RPP FM Helper

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