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RPP FM Sugar n’ Spice program presenters Bob Phillips and Judy Banks-Phillips remember the young talented Jamie Redfern starting his long and successful career with Brian and the Juniors at age 6, then joined Young Talent Time as one of the first founding team members, his ‘whirlwind’ rise to fame through the wonderful and flamboyant Liberace and former King Of Pop…the rest is history.

Jamie (who changed his name from Jimmy (James) Redfern because it was thought to be memorable) and his beautiful wife Judy, were very special guests on Sugar n’ Spice last week to discuss a new talent school called Star Quality Song & Dance Studio they are opening this weekend in the Uniting Church, Hastings.

The song & dance studio caters for all ages from 5 – 85 years offering the highest quality tuition in singing and performance.

Judy Redfern is no stranger to the stage either. At age 9, she was chosen by the Bolshoi Ballet Company as an opportunity to further her ballet career, was awarded a scholarship, and at one point in her young age was the best ballerina in Australia. The song & dance studio will also offer modern ballet as part of it’s dance curriculum.

Jamie spoke candidly about his life and said, “I love the stage and feel I easily connect with my audience especially if it’s in a church.” He added, “If I didn’t follow the path of song and dance I would be an Anglican Minister, faith has got me through a lot in life.”

When they get the chance, Jamie and his brother Derek perform as a duo called The Redfern Brothers and are both writing country/rock music.

With the experience, knowledge and all round great performers, Jamie and Judy’s Star Quality Song & Dance Studio is a great opportunity for people of all ages, especially children 5 years + to be taught by the best in the business.

For more details contact Jamie on 0421 720 932 or visit website www.showbusiness.net.au

What an amazing performer with an amazing career who has had some of the best mentors in showbiz! He is the real deal.

Keep listening to Sugar n’ Spice when those two wonderful custodians of fun and entertainment hit the FM airways every Thursday at 9am.

Pictured L-R: Bob Phillips, Judy Banks-Phillips, Jamie Redfern & Judy Redfern in Studio 2 at RPP FM radio

Words by Debra Mar
Photography: Rab Siddhi

Written by: RPP FM Helper

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