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It’s not often you meet a man who has captured the imagination of many with his determination, tenacity and passion for the environment, and one who has acted on his word.

Enter Mr Ray Connell, Founder and President of Pest Free Australia Pty Ltd.

Ray was concerned about chemicals, pesticides and toxins poisoning the environment and our habitat. He recognized households and businesses alike still relied on chemicals and poisons to control pests such as rodents and cockroaches and saw it as a short term solution. He wanted to offer a long term pest free option to the problem.

His solution was to patent and scientifically test a CHEMICAL FREE pest management system to free the world of nasty chemicals and poisons which would lead to a healthier outcome for children and generations to come.

The Pest Free product was introduced to the market in January 1995.

Disease carrying rodents and cockroaches are a growing worldwide concern and the Morning Peninsula is not immune to the problem as the urban spread continues.

With the winter months approaching, pests are looking for warm spots in our homes, commercial properties and warehouses, gnawing and causing damage to materials and wiring which could cause fires.

Ray says proudly, “ Our Pest Free Plug-In Units are manufactured in Australia and are distributed nationally and worldwide and are installed in the Taj Mahal, The Ritz in London to name a few.” He adds, “There are a lot of inferior products on the market to unsuspecting consumers but my product is the ‘real deal’ that repels rats, mice and aides in the control of cockroaches.” The Pest Free unit is designed for households, warehouses and commercial businesses including Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Supermarkets.

In 1997 Pest Free Australia Pty Ltd was a highly commended Award Winner of the Australia Post Small Business of the Year Awards, topping it off with the maximum number of Exporting Awards from the Australian Federal Government since 1996.

If you have a problem with rodents and cockroaches, order your Pest Free Plug-In now by visiting www.pestfree.com.au or email sales@pestfree.com.au.

No Mess. No Fumes. No Fuss.

Pest Free Australia Pty Ltd is a proud RPP FM sponsor.

Be listening to Breakfast with Johnno & Marzy every Monday & Tuesday 6-9am for the opportunity to win a Pest Free Plug-In Unit.

Pictured: Ray Connell, Founder and President of Pest Free Australia Pty Ltd

Words by Debra Mar

Written by: RPP FM Helper

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